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Single Ply Roofing


Richland Roofing are experts at installing EPDM roofing systems. EPDM is based on ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, a high performance synthetic rubber compound that provides outstanding resilience, tensile strength, elongation, resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light and ponding water. EPDM membranes are also available in fleece back, which can be installed in hot asphalt or low-rise adhesive.


Thermoplastic is the smart choice when seeking and environmentally friendly roofing system that combines aesthetics and outstanding seam strength with strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering.  Thermoplastic membrane is highly durable, and the seams, which are heat-welded, are the strongest part of the system.  Building owners find peace of mind knowing this system is applied without any open flame.

Structural & Architectural Roof Panels

Whether incorporating standard metal architectural panels or structural metal as part of your roofing system, Richland Roofing will exceed expectations.  In addition to our metal roofing operations, we offer the advantages of an in-house sheet metal roofing department.  Designed top provide optimum quality control and enable us to work on diverse roofing structures, our full-service sheet metal shop is capable of custom fabricating architectural metal components like panels, soffits, caps, fascia and gutters.

BUR (Built Up Roofing)

Richland Roofing is an authorized installer of Johns Manville bitumious roofing. With Built-Up roofing systems, a highly reliable waterproof membrane is field fabricated with layers of bitumen, alternating with plies of reinforcing felts. The redundant layers give it exceptional resistance to water and weather.

Specialty Roofing

In addition to low slope and traditional commercial roofing applications, Richland Roofing has expertise in a broad spectrum of materials and is known for our installation of slate, Spanish tile, copper roofing, and specialty shingles.  We've added beauty and distinction to the rooftops of schools, manufacturing, commercial facilities and countless other buildings throughout Northwest Ohio.   We can perform all phases of specialty roofing work, including installations of gutters, snow guard, valleys, and flashings.

Coatings & Restorations

When a problem arises with your existing roof, turn to Richland Roofing for expert service and repair.  Our professional team is trained to maintain and repair all types of roofing material.  Protect your investment and rest assured with our annual inspection contract and maintenance contract options. 


Richland Roofing is a Licensed Dealer of Icynene® spray foam insulation: a state-of-the-art, spray-in-place soft foam insulation that is revolutionizing home and commercial building performance.